Spring Into Action!

SToPP Watch LogoYou are indeed blessed, my brother or sister: The Great Watchmaker smiles upon you!

The person who has referred to you to this venue is either an Agent or Sworn Member of The SToPP Watch who believes that you are in Error and wishes to let your cog turn from wicked ways!

For far too long it has been the fancy amongst those who don the title of “Steampunks” to disassemble poor watches to pilfer their parts to put on display for the sake of “Neo-Victorian fashion.” Sadly, far too few who indulge in this unfortunate behavior are well-enough-versed in the Horological Arts to truly appreciate and understand what goes into a fine pocket watch and why destroying them is a sin against Human Innovation.

So at this point, we ask you to [read up about the Society], and if you believe that it is a fight worth fighting, [join our cause].

If not, we simply beg a few moments of your precious Time to ask you which Member talked to you so that we may better understand how our Mission progresses. (Below)

In the meantime, keep the tract you were given on public display and our Members will know to leave you be.

Thank you sincerely,
-S. Francis, Founder



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