Become a Time Agent

To become a Time Agent of The SToPP Watch is a rigorous and thorough process, broken down into three phases that all potential Agents must fulfill before their title is secured:

Phase 1: Absorb & Contemplate The Propaganda

Elgin_18s_m8_cut_largeThe Propaganda hitherto is broken down into Visual, Written, and Printed.

  • Visual (to Watch)
    • How a Watch Works – A basic introduction to how mechanical time pieces work. You will soon understand and marvel at these qualities within your own watch.
    • What Makes a Fine Watch Fine? – A glimpse into the significance of timepieces and exactly how many thousands of hands contribute to their manufacture. This expresses the crux of the Error of those who wish to ruin time pieces for the sake of fashionable fribbles. It is a sin against human ingenuity.
  • Written (to Read)
    • The Fight Against Time – The Sayings and Wisdom of S. Francis. This is the guiding philosophy of the Society.
    • Basic Horological Primer & Glossary [soon] – Everything you need to know about time pieces, their care, and time-jargon to sound like you know what you’re talking about — and perhaps learn quite a bit along the way.
  • Printed (to Distribute)

Phase 2: Take & Affirm The SToPP Watch Oath

SToPP Watch LogoThe Oath may only be taken and affirmed once you are in possession of your own Personal Time Piece (“PTP”), an article of faith and punctuality. An acceptable Personal Time Piece is as follows:

  1. It must be mechanical. Modern quartz movements are unacceptable.
  2. It must be a jeweled movement. (preferably 15 or more  jeweled bearings)
  3. It must be complete and in working order.
  4. It must be kept running with proper and regular winding.

(If you are having difficulty finding a suitable PTP, there may be some “up for adoption” from The SToPP Watch directly [in future] that will do quite nicely.)

Once you have obtained your Personal Time Piece, wind it up full, grasp it in your dexter hand, place it over your heart, and state the following in the presence of at least one witness (or declare it openly to the world):

Under the the Grace of The Great Watchmaker I, [Full Name Here… don’t be frivolous and say “full name here,” actually say your full name], pledge to protect the integrity of Time and its Servants in my actions, and deeds. I furthermore pledge to confront those who would deign to do time pieces harm and educate them vigorously about their Error in an appropriately civil — if stern — manner, through the teachings of S. Francis and The Society.

Once the Society has received incontrovertible proof of your Oath (such as through this convenient form), you may call yourself a “Sworn Member of The SToPP Watch” and are eligible for a Member Number.

Phase 3: Successfully Complete a Mission

Watch MissionThis is the most difficult phase of Agency where a prospective Time Agent must make at least one Confrontation against those who would harm time pieces and instruct them about the Error of their ways.

  1. When you come across someone in Error — be they wearing an eviscerated watch, or selling slaughtered clocks — meet their eyes unwaveringly and state in a plain voice, “That, my good man (or woman) is a travesty.”
  2. When they ask you “What?” explain to them in civil — but unequivocal and stern — terms that they have murdered a perfectly good time piece and that they should be made aware of their Error.
  3. Share with them at least one line of Wisdom from The Fight Against Time.
  4. Give them a piece of Printed Propaganda above (and be sure to include your Member Number).

Be careful to note — before you confront someone — if they source their parts sustainably, whether by using synthetic cogs, or pieces of no True Horological Value. We do not wish to discourage or molest the efforts of those of Sense.

There are also a number of other Approved Acts that can fulfill the Mission requirement:

  • Write a Public Article (editor’s note: “blog post” or other public article) about the Dangers of Error.
  • Give a Public Speech (editor’s note: “YouTube video”) about the Dangers of Error.
  • Recruit a Friend as a Sworn Member by other legitimate means.

Once The SToPP Watch has received incontrovertible proof of your Mission’s success (i.e. if the Errorist follows the Propaganda you gave them, or you report back using [this convenient form]) you will be awarded the rank of Time Agent First Degree (also known as a Secondman — or Secondwoman, collectively Secondfolk).

Depending upon your geographical location, you will be assigned to a Minuteman — or Minutewoman (Time Agent Second Degree) to report your progress to. Time Agents Second Degree in turn report to the Time Agents Third Degree (the Hours). The Hours are a council of 12 who in turn report directly to and act as advisors to S. Francis, himself.


At this point, we cannot say any more, for further Secrets are only available to the Initiated.


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