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To destroy a fine watch so that its bones may be used a fashionable flourish or fascination would be like using fine, imported, hand-picked oolong tea to stain a piece of lace. The inherent and purposeful form of the original object commands a proper context for its enjoyment, and in both cases the damage is virtually irreversible. Un-spilling tea so it may be drunk is in many ways as easy as re-assembling a battered watch so that it may run again.
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Time flies furthest from us when we adorn ourselves with the viscera of its servitors. – S. Francis

So it is a true wonder why persons take perfectly good pocket watches and other time pieces — often which have been ticking away soundly for over five- or six-score years of service — and pillage them for parts when they were perfectly well placed in one’s pockets, intact to tell time.

The Society To Preserve the Pocket Watch (“The SToPP Watch”) seeks to educate ladies and gentlemen of Victorian persuasion about the virtues of the horological arts, their historical context, and philosophical value. We follow the creed of our Founder and spread word against the vile and odious practice of striping a watch’s gears bare in public to wear as frivolous adornments.

If time is money, then a fine watch is priceless and a ruined watch a debt.
– S. Francis

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So please, help us spread the word. [Join with The SToPP Watch] — become a Time Agent — in this race to raise awareness about this pervasive travesty; this far-reached perversion of humble chronographical instruments, and in doing so become more aware of how we may bide our own time to appreciate the pleasures that life has to offer.

Our ranks of Time Agents hunt down those who would harm helpless time pieces, corner them in public where they cannot escape and… give them a stern and proper talking to, as that is the sensible and civilized thing to do!

It is as our Founder says:

We must make up for lost time now before our own time is up.
– S. Francis

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— The Society to Preserve the Pocket Watch

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(Keep a stiff upper lip and your tongue always firmly in cheek!)

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